Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Now on Facebook

I have been listing the gallery on facebook this past week including finding *friends*, listing events, starting groups and overall getting lost and not finding my way out for hours :0)
My eyes, my eyes, craziness!

Here is THE badge:
Stephanie L. Distler's Facebook profile

I have found school friends that I have not heard from in years, art contacts local and not so local, a way to get in touch with the local population(other than flooding their email boxes with jpegs and stuff...), etc. etc.

A book club was also found as well as a group about Surviving the Halton Hilton, lol...
Crazy stuff can be had in the hills of Pennsylvania.

Flemish House Facebook

ACEO Event Page
talked about in the below post

Art on the Edge, life as art
An artist community started to bring all facets of art together.Meetings are in studios, galleries, homes, gardens, schools, businesses and more!!!!

Contact Info
Email: eccotadirector@windstream.net
Website: http://www.eccota.com/
Office: Elk County Council on the Arts
Location: 237 Main Street Ridgway, PA


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